Property Calculator Pro Now Available

Property Calculator Pro

Quite possibly the most user-friendly, advanced property calculator on the market. Suddenly the numbers part of home buying just got easier! This software is designed to make the complicated number crunching of home buying and selling a snap and is extremely powerful, but still very user friendly.

This is not just an amortization (time value of money) calculator. Behind the scenes are proprietary functions and formulas for annual taxes, insurance and other fees to give a very accurate representation of what you can afford. These numbers are typically overlooked in the home buying process and can make a seemingly good purchase a bad one. Calculating all of the real numbers even just a couple of times, can be a very daunting task and take hours. With Property Calculator Pro and just a few numbers, you can compare and contrast multiple options for purchasing a home or investment property in seconds, without worrying about inaccuracies and long hours.

Recently, variable rate loans have become popular, but with that comes the danger of cutting monthly finances too tight. As soon as the rates go up, the mortgage is no longer affordable. Property Calculator Pro can give you foresight and help avoid the embarrassment and humiliation of months with negative income, and possibly foreclosure. Property Calculator Pro takes care of everything; closing costs, typical taxes, amortization, insurance, 1031′s and much, much more.

Available Devices:

iPhone & iPad


Coming Soon:

HP Palm WebOS